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An outstanding range of wines based on the local old-vine Garnatxa and Carinyena varietals. The two villages (Falset and Marçà) boast great diversity of soil types and topography which adds extra character to the wines we produce.

Stop looking, start finding. Drink ETIM.

Red Wines

Esparver Eric Lahon

Complexity and elegance that long lasts

castell de falset vi negre

An essential classic

Etim El Viatge

A soothing stroll among our vineyards and our sunny Mediterranean landscapes.

Just authentic

This wine is a tribute to the strength and character of our vine growers, who have made of Red Grenache our identity.

We need very few words to define what we put into this very special wine, apart from a great deal of dedication, effort and love. Of course, we would need many more words to be able to express the richness of nuances that this wine treasures.

Grenache, Old Vines, D.O. Montsant

etim syrah

One of the most unique wines in the winery and almost an exception within the DO Montsant

(CD included)

Lo dolç Joglar

For those looking for a unique and special wine.

White Wines

etim antull

Pleasantly cool

A selection of old White Grenache vines

Rosé Wines

Stop and enjoy.


To dare is the ultimate step to make a change. Dare to put into practice the decisions made. Be brave and make a leap in life with the changes you have always wanted and never dared to make.

Etim Ranci: a traditional old wine made using the Solera methode

Ètim Tardana Blanca

Meditating is the first step if you want to bring about a change of consciousness and life. Become aware of yourself and begin the process to achieve a specific benefit.

Fresh and versatile

Ètim Tardana Negra

To think over values the meditations made and directs them towards decision-making. It is time to consider where you are and where you want to go.

A perfect wine for dessert, amazing as an appetizer.