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Vermut Falset Blanc (White)

Being different for more than 100 years.



What will you find in Vermut Falset

Vermut Falset has an intense amber colour, clear and bright with flecks of mahogany.

This vermouth offers up potent Mediterranean dried herbs such rosemary, thyme and wild fennel. There are also hints of eucalyptus, tobacco leaves and a blend of the botanicals used during maceration. There are touches of seasoned wood in the background as well as moist earth, truffle and honey.

Very balanced, with just enough sweetness and a sublime contrast between acidity and bitterness. On the whole, it is a well-rounded vermouth as well as being very unusual.

How to enjoy Vermut Falset

Vermut Falset is usually taken as an aperitif... but you can drink it whenever you want. Usually accompanied with olives (Arbequines or stuffed with anchovies), crisps and some cockles in vinegar. Try it also with a snacks, appetizers, canapés or more sophisticated hors d’oeuvres.

Serve Vermut Falset slightly chilled (or with an ice cube). You can make a vermouth spritz with some soda water and of course you can also mix it to get original cocktails.

How is it made

Vermut Falset is made using White Grenache and Macabeo grapes on their stems (brisat), which are then fermented on their skins just like in red wine production. The result is a very aromatic wine which is a pale golden yellow colour. When the wine is ready, it is fined, filtered and a special infusion is added made up of 120 different botanicals (one of them wormwood, of course) which will be left to macerate for more than a year in 500 and 600 litre oak barrels. The exact proportions and components which make up the infusion are a faithful reproduction of the original recipe which Cooperativa Falset Marça has been using since 1912.

This infusion is added then to the wine in suitable proportions, the sweetness is corrected and it is left to rest for nearly three years in big and ancient oak vats.

The vermouth is bottled in small quantities and the vats are refilled and never completely emptied. Thus, the vermouth will spend part of its time in wooden vats which are more than a hundred years old. Vermut Falset is bottled without any physical or chemical modifications which may cause some settling in the bottom of the bottle over time.

Alcohol content: 16.5%


Garnatxa Blanca, Macabeu.
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