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Ètim Tardana Negra

Ètim Tardana Negra

A perfect wine for dessert, amazing as an appetizer.


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Tasting notes

Colour: elegant maroon with ruby edges. Clean and bright.

Nose: stand out preserves of raisins, dried figs and candied fruits; also preserves of strawberry, black plums and blackberries. The barrel adds aromas of nuts, toasts and cocoa.

Palate: smooth and silky wine, with volume and glycerol. Its sweetness is well balanced with acidity and alcohol. Long end of the retro nasal where we find again all the aromas of the nose.


Food pairing

Ètim Tardana Negre is a very interesting wine with desserts where chocolate is the star.

It is also surprising with bravest pairings as starters or with blue cheese like Stilton, Roquefort and Gorgonzola.


Best serving temperature between around 14°C.


Winemaking information

100% Red Grenache

Vineyards 40 years old and up. Planted on poor soils of slate and clay at 350 - 450 meter high. Low production, very concentrated and high quality product.

Harvest at the end of October around 20 days after the right maturation for a normal dry wine.

Fermentation at 24°C in steel tanks until the desired level of residual sugar is obtained. Maceration with the skins to achieve more aromatic richness. Aging for a minimum of 10 months in old French oak barrels.

Bottling after a gentle filtration.

Alcohol content 16% vol.


91 points Guia Penin 2022


Garnatxa negra 100%
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