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Ètim Syrah by Lluís Capdevila

etim syrah

It is time to discover another Syrah

Étim Syrah is one of the most unique wines in the winery and almost an exception within the DO Montsant, where the production of single-varietal Syrah red wines is almost a rarity. The knowledge we have of our vineyards pushed us to make a wine in which the complexity and the quality are at the same level of its originality. With complicity, this variety brings us back all the attentions and wins the admiration of those lovers of good wines who are looking for something more.

The Syrah variety in the Montsant area is of small grain and very black with violet hues, so the wine is very intense. In its aging it goes from violet to orange. Its concentration is also reflected in its aroma, where the main descriptors are of the family of balsamics, eucalyptus and fresh mint. Black fruits and candied fruits give aromatic complexity and the aging in barrels brings cocoa and dark chocolate. Aromatically very complex. In the mouth there are a lot of tannins, where its sweetness gives unctuosity to the palate.

Etim Syrah is an excellent wine for meats with a simple marking (iberian and duck magret, entrecot...) and classic roasts. Choose it for an occasion where enjoying the pleasure of food, wine and conversation is almost a ritual.

Our personal tip: save some Etim Syrah for the dessert, to accompany cured sheep cheese or blue cheese.

Recommended temperature of service 18 ° C.

Alcoholic content 14,5% vol.

89 point The Wine Advocate

Selection of low-production syrah vineyards, located between 400 and 600 meters in altitude on slate and limestone slopes.

Aged for 14 months in new French oak barrels of fine grain and soft toast.

Bottled after a gentle filtration. It has been for 7 months in the room of the old oil mill, where it has been in constant contact with the music of the composer and pianist Lluís Capdevila. Limited production.

100% Syrah
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30,00 €