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Ètim L'Origen

Just authentic

This wine is a tribute to the strength and character of our vine growers, who have made of Red Grenache our identity.
We need very few words to define what we put into this very special wine, apart from a great deal of dedication, effort and love. Of course, we would need many more words to be able to express the richness of nuances that this wine treasures.

The quality of Ètim L'Origen has been recognized over the years by the most prestigious international critics, who have been able to appreciate its authenticity. From our best Grenache vineyards has to come out a great wine. Keeping it that way is our commitment.

A deep intense ruby color. Attractive red cherry aromas with spicy peppery notes. On the palate, full and rich but also graceful and charming with the intense cherry and black fruit flavors accompanied by Mediterranean herbs that make Etim L'Origen such an attractive complement to all kinds of meat dishes, especially lamb.

Choose this wine for a relaxed meal, when you want to create a good atmosphere, where you can enjoy the dishes and its aromas.

Best serving temperature 17°C - 18°C.

Grapes come from selected vineyards over 60 years planted on slate, clays, calcareous and sandy soils. Each crop has an independent control, to ensure that the particularities of the soil leave their mark on the grapes.

Bottled after a gentle filtration.

Alcohol content: 14,5 % vol.


Graduació : 

18 mesos en bótes de roure francès.

9,99 €